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Pool Maintenance 

Routine pool maintenance is an essential component of pool care. With the Georgia heat, rain, and foliage, a weekly pool maintenance service gives you, as a pool owner, less work to do. Simplify your life by letting Big Wave maintain your pool for you.

We offer year-round weekly pool maintenance – no contract required. All pool chemicals are included with weekly service, which eliminates hidden charges and provides dependable pool maintenance bills.

Weekly maintenance includes:

• Checking and managing water chemistry every visit (chlorine  levels, PH, alkalinity, salinity, stabilization)

•Back-washing for sand filters, removing and cleaning of  cartridge filters, will be done on a scheduled basis as well as  on an as needed basis

•Cleaning out of skimmer baskets and pump baskets

•Cleaning out electric cleaner filters and/or in wall cleaner    system bags

•Brushing of pool walls and steps, benches, sunshelves, etc.

•Skimming water surface debris

•Vacuuming of pool as needed

•Blowing off pool deck

•Management of water level 

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